I have submitted my listing, why does it not show in my dashboard?

Your listing is pending approval from ASC administration to verify that you are a Diploma graduate. Please allow a few days for this to occur. Once your listing has been approved it will appear in your dashboard and on the front end. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know when your listing is live.

I completed a short course in Shiatsu at the ASC, can I create a listing?

Listings are only available for those who have completed the Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies qualification at the Australian Shiatsu College.

I work in more than one clinic, can I create more than one listing?

Yes! You are welcome to create a listing for each location that you work in. Please remember to remove locations if you no longer work there.

What happens if someone tries to contact me through this directory?

You will receive an email directly at the email account you attached to your listing. You can reply directly to that email to respond to the potential client.

What is an interest area?

Something that you enjoy treating in clinic. You can select up to 5, and add your own if your specific passion area is not already listed. Please do search the list first for a good fit so the list of specialities does not become unwieldy!