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Rebecca completed her Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies in 2013, studying for two years at the Australian Shiatsu College in Melbourne.

She first became interested in shiatsu through the study of macrobiotic philosophy and practice in Amsterdam, Netherlands. After finishing 18 months of work as a macrobiotic chef in Amsterdam and completing a vegan baking course in New York, she visited Japan for three months to work on a farm run by Nakajima Deco, whom Rebecca assisted in cooking classes in Tokyo. She also gave therapeutic treatments to participants of various courses run by Deco and worked as a farm hand during the rice-planting season.

In light of the very hands-on and earth-based experiences in Japan and through her continued studies of Traditional East Asian Medicine, Rebecca’s understanding of the use of diet for healing and the prevention of illness has deepened and continues to be an area of keen interest to her. She continues to seek deeper knowledge through further study including ZenThai Shiatsu with Gwyn Williams in Ninderry, Queensland and is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) at Endeavour College of Natural Health, Melbourne.

For the past sixteen years, Rebecca has also worked as a live-in and palliative carer for several elderly and disabled people. She continues to offer support work alongside her shiatsu practice – the skills gained in shiatsu serving to improve the quality of life for her clients and the experiences as a carer lending patience, humility and a whole-life view to the practice of shiatsu.

Rebecca has begun taking shiatsu out of the clinic space and further afield in recent years, through the running of a shiatsu stall at music and lifestyle festivals.
Trade has taken place at Swagger Music Festival (Victoria), Cool Summer Festival (Victoria), Happy Wanderer (Victoria), By The Meadow (Victoria), Grampians Music Festival (Victoria), Strawberry Fields Festival (NSW), A Festival called PANAMA (Tasmania), Wide Open Space (Northern Territory) and Woodford Folk Festival (Queensland) as part of the ZenThai crew.

When not practicing shiatsu, caring or studying, Rebecca is a prolific knitter, writer, cook, gardener, and is endlessly reading.

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