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Yong Ng (She/Her)

I am passionate about helping others find a sustainable health routine that suits their lifestyle. I achieve this through listening to what the body needs, nurturing the body through treatments, bringing awareness back into the body and giving self-help homework such as stretches, diet, and minor lifestyle changes that are achievable for people with busy lifestyles.

You can find me at Australian Shiatsu College community clinic, 130C Nicholson St, Brunswick on Wednesdays and Eve Studio, 171 Sydney Road, Brunswick on Fridays. For any other days, please contact me to arrange an appointment.


As a migrant in Australia, I faced numerous challenges when starting a new life in Australia. I was unaware of the toll it took on my body as stress silently affected me. However, in 2017, I found solace in Shiatsu and oriental therapies. These healing practices have relieved my stress, restored balance to my body, and revitalized my overall health. I learnt to be more attentive to how my daily diet and lifestyle choices impact my body. I eventually realised that some of the ailments I believed to be recent actually began during my childhood, but I was unaware of the recurring pattern. Through Shiatsu, I figured out how to easily incorporate quick and simple health routines into my busy schedule and lifestyle. This has allowed me to enjoy better health and well-being. I’m passionate about sharing what I learnt from my own experience with others and hope it will benefit them too.

I understand and appreciate the diversity among my clients, recognising the variations in their culture, perspectives, values, diet, and lifestyles. This understanding guides me as I customise my treatments and advice to suit their individual needs. Many of my clients have praised my ability to target specific areas that they hadn’t even realised were problematic. They especially love how refreshed and revitalised they feel after their sessions.

I approach my clients with compassion and understanding, ensuring that they feel safe, nurtured, and supported throughout their treatments. Creating a non-judgmental space in the clinic is incredibly important to me. Here, clients can take the time they need to connect with their bodies, reflect on their health and well-being honestly, and let go of self-critical thoughts like “I should have” or “I shouldn’t have.” I firmly believe that this space allows clients to view their health in a new light and discover a well-being approach that truly suits them and their preferred lifestyles.

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